Individual Coaching

Sport plays a vital role in children’s lives. Whether at a social or competitive level, it is fundamental in the development of one’s personality, co-ordination, discipline and social development. It provides one with the opportunity to develop one’s interpersonal skills, self-esteem and create a positive self- image.


What is our individual coaching?


Our individualised coaching is a specialised one on one coaching programme which has a range of focus areas:

Technical coaching: Intensive skills session

Mentorship: ‘Big Brother’ session

The focus of these sessions is to determine the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and correcting their technical faults through thorough assessment. The sessions will address various attributes such as his/her skill level, hand eye co-ordination, speed, strength and agility. This is done in a fun, yet professional environment giving the participant the means to fully express themselves and assist them to improve and achieve their sporting goals. The focus of these sessions is to create an interpersonal relationship between child and coach. The emphasis is more on building the child’s confidence and acceptance of sport than on technical coaching. Through positive reinforcement in a fun, creative and enjoyable environment the child will improve their sporting ability as well as being shown the importance of sportsmanship and etiquette.

Who is our individual coaching suitable for?

Our individual coaching sessions are available to both boys and girls aged 4- 13 years. We tailor our individual coaching sessions to suit each individual child.


Where is our individual coaching held?

Sporting Chance will come to a venue of your choice. The venue is advised to be your school sports field.


What is the duration of our individual coaching?

The session is 1 hour (60 minutes)


How do I book the individual coaching?

Call our office and talk to our esteemed coaching co-ordinator who will address your needs and assign one of our professional coaches

R250 per hour session

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