Holiday Clinic FAQ’s


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Who are our holiday coaching clinics suitable for?


Tiny Tots: 4 & 5 Years This is our multisport programme that uses game/challenge orientated drills and exercises. Focuses on encouraging participation with loads of fun while working on hand-eye coordination and learning the very basics of a variation of sport codes.
Juniors: 6 – 8 Years The focus at this age group is to advance the development of fine motor skills, as well as sport etiquette. The programmes are sport specific introducing and addressing the technical aspects of the game.
Seniors: 9 – 13 Years The focus is primarily on improving technique, fitness and discipline, as well as developing a full understanding of the game across all facets.


What are our holiday coaching clinic sports?


Summer (Dec/Jan; March/April & Sept/Oct holidays): Cricket OR Soccer OR Hockey
Winter (March/April & June/July holidays): Rugby OR Soccer OR Hockey OR Netball


What is the programme and features of our holiday coaching clinics?


Booking Booking is essential as it allows Sporting Chance to know the expected numbers in order to allocate the number of coaches appropriately. This ensures that the correct COACH:PARTICIPANT ratio is adhered to.


  • Clinic Registration takes place on the first morning of the clinic from 08h30 at the venue.
  • This process involves completing an indemnity and info form. You are welcome to DOWNLOAD the form *(insert link)* and bring it with you completed on the morning in order to avoid waiting in a queue.
  • Settle payment if not already done so via EFT.
  • Sporting Chance requests that everyone arrives early on the first day in order to get all the necessary procedures out of the way by 09h00!
Division In Age Groups Once registration is complete the participants are divided into their respective sport codes and age groups.
Warm Up
  • The coaches lead the participants through a thorough warm up.
  • Includes dynamic and static stretches that target all major muscle groups.
  • Warming up is vital, even though these are young supple bodies, it’s still important to stretch in order to avoid injuries.
  • Shuttles are a Sporting Chance tradition and have proven to be an excellent way to start the morning and get the legs and mouths moving.
  • Age groups are further divided into smaller groups which act as teams that compete against each other in ‘races’.
  • The races are specially adapted to the various sport codes and include fitness and strengthening exercises.
  • Cheering for your team is greatly encouraged which promotes the importance of teamwork!
Coaching Programme
  • Coaches for each group follow a constructive coaching programme that has been drawn up specifically for Sporting Chance and ratified by the various Provincial and National associations of South Africa.
  • The programme includes working on basic skills as well as advanced coaching techniques and innovative drills finishing off with competitive match play at the end of each day.
  • The programme allows for intensive personalized coaching and encourages each participant to play, learn and improve.
  • Each day the programme varies with different strategic focus areas and specialized drills.
Mini Tournament & Prize Giving
  • The clinic culminates with matches or a mini tournament, which often takes place in the format of the current global sport spectacle (i.e. “Mini Olympics, World Cup, Test Match”, etc.).
  • Prize giving brings the clinic to a close with all participants receiving a certificate and gift!


What are the dates and venues?


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  • Kelvin Grove
  • Newlands Constantia Sports Complex
  • Constantia
  • Bellville Beaumont Primary School
  • Somerset West Cricket Club
  • Bellville Cricket Club