Table Cricket

Sporting Chance and Lords Taverner’s South Africa teamed up to bring the incredible game of Table Cricket to South Africa.

Table Cricket is an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table and specially designed to give people, with a disability, the chance to play and compete.

The objectives of the Table Cricket programme:

  • Increase opportunities for regular sport participation for people with disabilities in South Africa.
  • Motivate people with disabilities to engage in sport.
  • Provide an opportunity for people who cannot not take part in the traditional Paralympic sports: Table Cricket was created especially for those with more severe physical impairments.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the health, social and psychological wellbeing of the participants.
  • Introduce a team sport to school-going children with disabilities when most other disability sports offered are individual.
  • Empower volunteers, coaches and teachers to deliver training sessions to grow Table Cricket.

Table Cricket was originally developed in the UK by Doug Williamson with the aim to provide children with a disability the opportunity to participate in a team sport as well as to improving their hand/eye co-ordination, numeracy and self-esteem. The Lord’s Taverners UK have been promoting this activity for many years and it’s run on a national basis.


Table Cricket is a very strategic game played by teams of six players. There are different scoring zones around the table that can be blocked by manually moved fielders. Teams take turns to bowl or bat, with the batter using a small signature size bat to score and the bowler using a ramp to deliver the ball.

Just like playing any sport to an able-bodied athlete, the benefits of Table Cricket to people with both physical and mental disabilities, is hugely significant. There are numerous health benefits as well as playing a major role in personal development and social integration.

Apart from the natural enjoyment of playing the game and competing, Table Cricket has been shown to develop teamwork and social skills among players and most importantly give children with a disability the opportunity to be part of a positive sporting environment. It adds tremendously to the wholistic development of individuals.

Currently our Table Cricket programme is rolled out in eight schools in the Western Cape. We are seeking funding avenues to expand this.


Come and witness one of our Table Cricket sessions and the smiles, competitiveness and pure excitement of the children along with their educators will show you the euphoria of Table Cricket!