This is a letter written to the Sporting Chance staff from a wonderful person who volunteered to be a part of this past weekend’s Kellogg’s Health of the Nation: 50 hour sports challenge… thanks Lynn 

Dear Sporting Chance and Sponsors

I got home on Sunday the 18.09.2011, round about 16h30, I was cold and wet, it had been raining that day, the wind was blowing, but I was content. It was the final day of the 50 Hour Healthof the Nation.

My story starts like this:

Thursday morning driving in our tedious traffic to work and listening to Cape Talk Radio Station, I caught the end of an interview between Cape Talk and Brad….. about a
50 Hour Health of the Nation, all I heard was, that there would be hundreds of kids….oh WOW I thought, I wonder if they would need my help, probably not, however I thought….Lynn do not procrastinate again, I thought, send an email offer my help and then at least you know in your heart – you were willing. So my friend “Google” helped me and I sent an e-mail to Sporting Chance.

So off I went, after work to meet Tracey, she briefed me on the weekend’s events and so I agreed to work in what ever role she would require me to fulfil.

Up early Saturday morning, so excited, but also nervous, maybe I am not going to fulfil “their” requirements, maybe they are going to say, “thanks for Saturday” but you don’t have to come back Sunday. Oh well I have committed – no turning back now.

Saturday 17.09.2011

On arriving, I could not believe the amount of people involved, I was given a t-shirt, which I wore, for some strange reason, with so much pride, as I still was not sure what was in line for me the weekend, but proud I was !

I have never seen so many kids in one given space at any one given time – They were all seated in rows in their different schools. “We” started with early morning dancing, just to get the kids “on a high” well they were. I was coordinating the body measurements – being their weight, height, waist and hips measurements, in addition to the sit and reach.

There was not one child who did not want to participate, they would line up with such excitement, just to do the next exercise. I had the most awesome group of students, they were all so dedicated to what they were doing, it was really unbelievable – well 18h00 arrived – too soon for me – and that was the end of day 1.

The kids lined up again in their different schools, and the music starting playing, You just had to be there to experience the enthusiasm from the kids, they danced, we danced – Words cannot describe what I saw with my own two eyes – the only way are by the photos that were taken – and then maybe you will understand.

I left on such a high note, and could not wait for Sunday.

Sunday 18.09.2011

Cold…raining and water logged fields with gusty winds….but that never stopped the enthusiasm from either Coaches or children. My station was still outside, but we had some cover. The students carried on showing their love and dedication towards the kids as if it was a hot summer’s day. There was such an aura about Sunday, I am still struggling to explain to myself how to describe the aura, but believe me it was an aura of joy, and that nobody gave up, just because the weather did not play its role, but as I have learnt in life everything happens for a reason and only time will tell.

Unfortunately we could not get to measure all of the kids, but that was a sign for me that the kids that were not measured will come back into my life sometime soon. All the kids lined again in their different schools inside the hall, we all danced and danced – till it was time to part.

On each day each child was given a “goodie” bag and something to eat, as they left to board their various busses.

I had the privilege of meeting the Kellogg’s team, but could not even say “Thank you”, the lump in my throat was too great.

In my heart I refused to say good bye to anyone, the kids, the students, the coaches, or even management for that matter, because I knew somewhere, sometime or someplace our paths will cross again.

With Love and Gratitude for allowing me this privilege of participating

Lynn Sevenster