Every community has its heroes.  The men and women that go the extra mile, do that much more, to make things happen.  In Langa, Khayelitsha and Macassar those heroes are the 36 men and women who have set time aside to teach the young players during the Sporting Chance Development Foundation Clinics week.

They show up every morning, children in tow, ready to give their all.  Some mornings have been less than ideal, with winter rains taking centre stage, but they have shown up irrespective.  When asked why they keep going (even in abject weather), it is the desire to see the lives of the children bloom even in adverse conditions.

Everyday heroes for our aspiring champions…we do love this!

Thanks to UCT’s Department of Sports Science, The Nassbaum Foundation, The Solstice Foundation as well as Foodzone for their support in making the clinics possible.