EASTER CLINICS TIMEOUT FOR OUR COACHES…a reflection on the days past

We’re closing up shop in just a day, as Easter clinics come to an end on Thursday. It’s a double-sigh for us.  Not only has it been a joy seeing those young faces show up day after day, their enthusiasm not diminished by even very adverse weather conditions, but for our coaches it has been a fantastic time, as they not only got to coach the children, but got in touch with their younger selves.  It has been two weeks of training, learning, and educating these young ones, but each coach has a story to tell about what the Easter clinics meant to him or her.

We always emphasise the need for passion if you want to work with children in such an environment.  Yes, the sports knowledge must be there, but it is the drive to impart something on the children, something that will help them not yourself, that keeps one going.  As we countdown to the last day, our coaches are already looking forward to the next clinics.

Thanks to sponsors Flip File, Hi-Tec, Kauai, Gunn & Moore, SuperSport Let’s Play, TK-Hockey, Sportsmans Warehouse and Bic for their continued support.