We’re right in the middle of our third week of holiday Coaching Clinics, a week before schools officially re-open and thankfully this time around we’re experiencing perfect weather conditions. The skills and lessons implemented in the previous weeks are being reinforced and taken to new levels. Friendships have been forged and the rise in confidence levels among participants is clear to witness.

The importance of sports and being physically active during the school holiday is evident and undeniable, and so are the values and character traits it instills in the children. The building blocks will become instrumental in shaping strong principles that they can utilize throughout their lives. Relationships have definitely formed between the coaches and their team of participants and they can learn a great deal from one another.

This week field hockey has given way to astro hockey as one of the main sporting codes, and judging by the response to the addition, it looks like hockey’s popularity is continuing to climb. While on grass one can learn the essence of the game, it’s on the astro turf where youngsters can really refine their skills that lay the platform for a good start to the second half of the season.

As is customary we end the week with a prize giving ceremony and the same plan is in order for this ‘Fun Friday’. The young Sporting Chancers are full energy and excitement toward the coaching, and they have persevered and displayed a sportsman like attitude through and through.

Our sponsors Flip File, HI-TEC, Kauai, GM, SuperSport Let’s Play and Sportsmans Warehouse are at the forefront of their industries and we thank them for allowing us to do the same!