It takes something special to be a world-class coach.  It takes an even greater effort to be of that calibre to children, for at that age (4 – 13 years) it isn’t just about coaching what has already been discovered, but it is about identifying talent, shaping it well and nurturing it.

Sporting Chance caps off a successful year of coaching with summer coaching clinics, knowing what a tough ask it is to be a coach.  In fact, you don’t ask to be a coach – for that would just be about money, and how often has the sporting world proven that money can only do so much – instead, you are a coach to these little ones because you grasp the magnitude of the task that is at hand…dealing with the child as an individual player, instilling confidence and discipline in him, allowing him to grow, fostering all this in a fun, age-appropriate manner and environment.

As this last coaching week of 2012 plays itself out, a tough job has been placed on our coaches’ shoulders.  They have, in the past, proven equal to the task…here’s to more of the same, and more, this week.

Thanks to HiTec South Africa, Kauai South Africa, Gunn and Moore, Supersport Let’s Play, Sportsmans Warehouse and Flip File for supporting coaching success in our country.