Hope is an encounter all human beings are familiar with. Your culture, race, background or traditions do not alter how hopeful an individual is. The truth is we are all hopeful… The past four days have highlighted this observation, and give us great motivation to host more SCDF Holiday Coaching Clinics. The Solstice Foundation confirmed the continued support this year, and we are grateful for their shared passion and belief in the talented children of our communities.

On Monday, the Sporting Chance team headed to Langa Sport Stadium, a community that is infamous for producing some exceptional sports talent. Langa has selected hockey as one of its major sporting codes and with the current development of the local astro turf we look forward to seeing some of Langa’s super stars coming through the SCDF and Langa hockey club ranks shortly.

As with traditional South African sports; the rugby and soccer groups were well attended by a high number of participants, with some boys returning for their second experience of the SCDF clinics.

After a very successful 2 days in Langa, the programme wrapped up with the SuperSport Let’s Play sponsored prize giving ceremony and a question-answer session by the coaches. We then packed up and prepared for the final two days at Pama Road Stadium in Khayelitsha. Same plan, same good weather, different venue, more enthusiastic participants!

Netball took the place of the hockey experienced in Langa and this proved a masterstroke as more girls participated and they loved it. The coaches were enthralled about the positive response received for introducing the sport.

After 2 action packed days the Khayelitsha clinic was concluded with mini tournaments in the different sport codes.  Thereafter we said our goodbyes – the only way we know how: by leaving the children with goodies, new skills and lasting memories.

The goodies received were an element that adds great value to the programme and each participant eagerly welcomed the Sporting Chance t-shirt, apple, sandwich and cool drink they received daily. SuperSport Let’s Play sponsored added incentives of caps, t-shirts and soccer balls for the children and the recipients were very grateful to be able to wear and leave with something that serves as a reminder of these special experiences. We thank SuperSport Let’s Play for their continued and unwavering support.

This week has been an interesting journey, one that took us to the core of what we do and we have all enjoyed it thoroughly. We would like to thank the Solstice Foundation for spearheading this initiative and providing us with the tools needed to continue following our passion…