All South Africans can all make a difference in the lives of traumatised children. Many children are neglected and in great danger due to poverty, crime, violence, drug abuse and the general disintegration of moral values and family life in many South African communities.

Durbanville Children’s Home provides a safe haven for these children in order to protect them from physical and emotional abuse.  It is a South African non-profit organisation and has been taking care of children in need for the past 127 years, since it opened its doors in 1883. It focuses on the care, development and rehabilitation of emotionally traumatised children through a process of therapeutic intervention and re-uniting them with their families if possible. There are currently 144 children between the ages of two and 18 from communities all around the Cape Peninsula in the home’s residential care.

Many of the children are unable to go home during the June holidays due to unfavorable conditions. So when Sporting Chance received a call from the Durbanville Children’s Home to see whether we would be able to do an activity for the kids to brighten up a day of their holidays, we jumped at the opportunity.

The Sporting Chance team arrived at the Home, where they were met by some delighted and eager faces. The youngsters were quickly split into 3 groups and then the fun began. Under the leadership of coaches Enver, Simon and Daniel, the kids were introduced to the  role of warmimg up, enjoyed sports specific shuttles, learned new soccer skills, and, most importantly, were being physically active and having loads of fun! The coaches also emphasised the importance of teamwork and helping your weaker team members to succeed.

A great time was had by all, and through the Sporting Chance Development Foundation we were delighted to have brought a small ray of sunlight into these children’s lives.

Keep up the good work Durbanville Children’s Home.