As a coach there is no better feeling than seeing a youngster grasp a skill that you have been trying to teach them. The satisfaction of improvement far out ways the accolades of competition, and for our Sporting Chance coaches this week has meant just that…

The ‘IDEA’ concept of coaching has been pertinent to our coaching practices this week, with the definition as follows: I – Identify the skill, D – Demonstrate the skill, E – Explain the skill, A – Attend to the players practicing the skill.

The skills transferred during our first week of holiday coaching clinics have been absorbed by the admiring young Sporting Chancers and it’s been super exciting to see the constant improvement from day one through to day five.

Personal bests ‘PBs’ were set on Monday as the benchmark to measure their improvement after consistent practice and perseverance. The basic skills of each sport code are put to the test each morning, and whether it’s the yardstick on the hockey field, accurate passing on the soccer field or netball court, or kicking on the rugby field, it’s encouraging to see the players drive to progress. It doesn’t matter what the boy or girl scores next to you, it’s about individual improvement and achievement, rather than extreme competition.

We have been a strong advocate of giving children of all levels a ‘Sporting Chance’ and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with our eager young Sporting Chancers this week as they all give of their best.

We are also delighted to report on the launch of our first netball holiday coaching clinics. Adding netball to our offering of sports has long been debated and we are pleased with the positive response that ‘our pilot’ holiday programme has received.

Under the guidance of some of UCT’s leading netball players, the coaching clinics have involved intensive drills, footwork, and decision making and the young girls have literally and figuratively been put through their paces.

As is customary in Cape Town the weather has dished up a week of all seasons, however we are relieved to have been able to be out on the field for the majority of the week. Our 6 venues have all been well attended and it was wonderful to see both the boys and girls getting out there, working on their skills and keeping active during the 3 week winter break.

To appropriately use the name of our equipment partner: We can say that they kids have climbed an awesome mountain this week, each day they have taken those small steps to improve and today they have reached the SUMMIT!

Thank you to our equipment partners SUMMIT and GM for the fantastic kit that allows us to deliver a superior coaching service. Look forward to more coaching action next week…