It’s a wonderful thing to be acknowledged for your effort.  It gives a person that great feeling inside.  This applies ten times over where children are concerned, allowing them to understand, from an early age, the fruit of hard work.  This is why we value the prize-giving ceremonies at the end of the Sporting Chance Holiday Coaching Clinics.

But this end of the week tradition isn’t just about handing out goodies to the children for their hard work.  It is about encouraging their love of sport for the future, whether they are rewarded or not.  They will not always get something for the effort they put in, it is crucial that they understand this.

Why this line of thought? It is not possible to give all the deserving children the same prize, even when we want to.  However, sometimes this ends up being the focus of the week.  We therefore want them to bear in mind that, while it is great to receive, sometimes greater is the reward to them for doing what fulfils them.

The certificates and prizes have been handed out, the photos have been taken, but hopefully what remains are early life lessons to these young ones to focus on what they love, irrespective of the reward offered.

Special thanks to our sponsors Hi-Tec for their generous Hi-Tec Hero award vouchers that totaled R 2250 in value, and to Sportsmans Warehouse for their R100 vouchers that gave R 3000 worth of prizes to the deserving winners. In addition many thanks to Flip File, GM and Supersport Let’s Play for their continued support!