When Good Hope fm on-air presenter SeanO said these words after the launch vibe session and Gangnam style showdown at the Cape Town leg of the 7th Kellogg’s® Health of the Nation 50-Hour Sports Challenge held at the Western Cape Sport School in Kuils River, it just about summed up our outlook on the 50-Hour Sports Challenge.

As adults we lose the vigour we had as kids and teenagers, so bogged down do we become with this thing called life.  Similarly, our bodies lose optimum functioning the older we get – we are at our peak in our earlier years, and the habits picked up in that formative stage are those we’re likely to carry throughout life.  Research also shows that a child who is overweight is headed in that direction as an adult (with the resulting health complications).  Truth be told, most of us know how difficult it is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle the older we become.  It is therefore vital that we get and keep our kids moving from a young age.

It is with this in mind that we welcomed the hopeful words spoken by SeanO, musician Auriol Hays, Springboks physiotherapist Rene Naylor and Mr South Africa runner-up Zane Maqetuka. Each telling a unique story about their life and each with a positive message – not just about healthy living, but about growing up.  They chronicled their battles with childhood obesity, a lack of interest in school as well as growing up in not ideal communities – to prevail over the various circumstances.  These were words spoken to a young, impressionable audience, in the hope that they will be steered in the right direction.

Back to SeanO’s words…living in a society that is more sedentary today than it was a few years ago, we cannot afford to let our children live without being physically active…we cannot afford to have a future generation which is unhealthy.  This cannot happen while we sit by. Absolutely not! May they take his cue and keep jumping!

Thanks to Good Hope fm’s The Ozone with SeanO team, Rene Naylor, Zane Maqetuka and Auriol Hays for making a difference to the 7th Kellogg’s® Health of the Nation 50-Hour Sports Challenge.

Thanks too to Kellogg’s®, Kia Motors, Virgin Active, City of Joburg, SA fm, Good Hope fm, and Supersport Let’s Play for their continued support as we take the message of healthy living to the nation’s children.