We could dress them up as these super afternoons where everything goes according to script.  Boys and girls in their shorts and trainers running around lush, well-manicured lawns.  We could do that.  But we would be betraying the true South African picture and the work we do, while also missing the point of these road shows.

They come immediately after school, some still in their school uniform and the fortunate few do come in trainers and shorts. It’s not a question of attire – but a matter of getting the work done!  At Norwood Central Primary School in Elsies River on Monday, the grass could have done with a trim and some water.  It’s not a question of the pitch-perfect conditions – but a matter of getting the work done!  The road shows are about having the children in their environment, using whatever equipment is available, no matter the ground conditions.

We could wait for the ideal conditions, but when you have communities as eager as those we come across (the children lap up the attention we pore over them, the adults appreciate the time we spend out there), we may miss the right time. So the road shows continue.  We saw a potent example of why we persist.  As the Mfuleni young ones (making their Kellogg’s Health of the Nation debut)  arrived on Tuesday, they looked tired and run down, but a few minutes into the Nutrition station, where they were made to stretch a bit (and get the blood going), they were full of beans!

Thanks to Kellogg’s, Kia Motors, Virgin Active, City of Joburg, SA fm, Good Hope fm, and Supersport Let’s Play for their continued support as we take the message of healthy living to the nation’s children.