The importance of sport and physical activity will be the focus at the seventh Kellogg’s Health of the Nation: 50 hour Sports Challenge set to take place in Johannesburg and Cape Town during the months of January and February.  Held in association with title sponsor Kellogg’s, associate sponsors Virgin Active, KIA Motors, City of Joburg, and media sponsors Good Hope fm, SA fm and Supersport Let’s Play, Health of the Nation aims to address the onset and prevalence of obesity in South Africa, and ways to curb the rise of sedentary living.

Previously thought a phenomenon unique to Western society, obesity and overweight people are becoming part of the South African portrait as more and more of the country moves towards urbanisation.  The result of this has had an adverse effect on children, where increasing levels of obesity are seen; with the result that South Africa is slowly breeding a nation of unhealthy children, to replicate the unhealthy adult population.

The Health of the Nation: 50 hour sports challenge aims to bring together children from different backgrounds and highlight the importance of physical activity.  The event involves non-stop sport at one particular venue for a total of 50 hours with the aim to KEEP THE BALL ALIVE, i.e. a ball will never come to a standstill, involving 3000 participants at each challenge with up to fifteen different sports codes being played simultaneously.

Educational Road shows are held in the week leading up to the 50 hour showpiece.  These road shows put the focus on Health Education, Physical Activity, Personal Hygiene and Environmental Health.  This gives children the opportunity to interact with educators and with each other, to better grasp the Health of the Nation messaging and get excited for the challenge ahead.

With government’s plans to reintroduce sport into the school curriculum in 2013, the Kellogg’s Health of the Nation celebrates this, with the view that sport and physical activity must become the standard of living for our children.

Date Venue
25 January 2013 – 27 January 2013 Southern Suburbs Sport and Recreation Centre, Rosettenville
15 February 2013 – 17 February 2013 Western Cape Sports School, Kuils River