With the KIA Street Soccer entering its fourth successful year, we are now at the final stages of the 2013 edition. At the core of this bewildering experience, still lies the reason for its conception.

The Sporting Chance team has seen it all! We’ve been able to witness the programme mature into the phenomenon it has become and we added a new dimension earlier this year, so as to track the impact of KIA Street Soccer from a socio-economic perspective.

Co-ordinated by a Masters student from Rhodes University, our projects team has been on the ground handing out questionnaires and conducting interviews with the participants of the KIA Street Soccer, from the various regions and communities, some of which are in geographically remote spots.

It’s one thing experiencing the emotions that come with being part of the 2010 legacy programme, but another experience altogether being able to find out from the children and coaches, about the personal impact that the KIA Street Soccer has had on various levels.

The data gathered, studied and analysed, offers us as well as the sponsors and donors, an opportunity to feel the tangible impact of this initiative. This process validates the purpose of our passion.

The data has revealed personal changes that the children have experienced since taking part in the programme (over 70% of the children exercise regularly and throughout the week and not just on days where league matches take place).

From this data, we can also see that 64% of the participants now understand the importance of eating healthily and making an effort to eat balanced and nutritional meals.

Personal hygiene is a high focus area, being prominent in the education road show stage and we can now state that 90% of the children taking part wash at least once a day.

Road safety has also become a visibly improved area, and has always been a vital component of the programme. It validates our aim of teaching fundamental life lessons through the medium of sport. 83% of the children confirm that they’ve learnt something new about road safety through the KIA Street Soccer.

Once again this massive undertaking which is making a difference in the lives of the 6000 participants who have taken part, would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors –  KIA Motors; technical sponsor Mille; logistical partner Dawn Wing; associate sponsor Kruger Bets CSI; Media partners Super Sport Let’s Play, Good Hope fm and Ukhozi fm; and PSL partners Ajax Cape Town and Amazulu.