More than 150 children from Westbury joined the 7th Kellogg’s Health of the Nation festivities as the road shows came to town in the week leading up to the main weekend.

While the 7th Kellogg’s Health of the Nation 50-hour Sports Challenge is an innovative way to promote sport and physical activity, working on a foundation of keeping a ball in motion for 50 hours non-stop, the road shows cast an eye on life skills, educating participants about personal hygiene, nutrition, fitness and environmental health.

They aim to provide young learners with enough information to allow them to make knowledgeable choices about things such as the proper food to eat, living in a clean environment and exercise.  As they progress through the years, from childhood to the teen years then into young adulthood, they learn to take responsibility for their lives.

Thanks to Kellogg’s, Kia Motors, Virgin Active, City of Joburg, SA fm, Good Hope fm and Supersport Let’s Play for the support as we take this message to our children.