Joburg gives our youth a Sporting Chance – Kellogg’s Health of the Nation

“Real transformation in South African sport will never take place whilst the three fundamental pillars to succeed are missing. Firstly there is a lack of adequate sporting facilities; secondly there is a lack of access to quality sporting equipment and finally there are not enough good and committed coaches.” So says Brad Bing of Sporting Chance, the youth sports development agency that co-ordinates the annual Kellogg’s® Health of the Nation 50-Hour Sports Challenge.

More than 3000 children from disadvantaged communities throughout Gauteng took part in the Challenge held at the Southern Suburbs Recreation Centre in Rosettenville from Friday 15 until Sunday 17 October. Participants ranging from 9 to 13 years of age, kept a ball in motion for an uninterrupted 50 hours to highlight the importance of physical activity in children’s lives.